Sinners & Saints

Western Paradise - Deliver Me

Sinners and Saints


Sex: C     Colour: Bay .  Gait: Pacer


Trainer: Earl Watts

Program Manager:


Price: $120/share (Only 25 shares remaining)

Training Fees: $20/share/month (see details below)


This impressive colt is out of high producing mare Deliver Me (From 8 foals dam of 6 winners) and is a full brother to Lovineveryminute with a lifetime mark of 1:50 3. Trained by one of the most successful trainers on PEI, Earl Watts, this colt has the build, the attitude and the breeding history to potentially do great things.


Training fees: 

As an owner, you are required to pay $20 for each 1% share you own per month in training fees. So, if you own 10%, your monthly training bill would be $200.00. It should be noted that included in that cost are the HARD COSTS of training the horse including general care, lineaments, shoeing, and stall rent. Also included in that is a portion estimated and alotted to a pool for your share of all stakes eligibility fees, stake entry fees, general vet bills, shipping, administration costs, etc. if there is unused money in that pool when the horse is sold, you will get your portion of that money back. If there are unexpected extraordinary costs beyond the payments into the pool, like a major medical bill, you may be required to top up the pool at some point.


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