Funded Investment Program

What exactly is a Funded Investment Program?

The Funded Investment Program is an exciting opportunity to experience all the benefits of horse ownership with NO RISK! Instead of buying a horse or part of a horse, you're actually investing in the opportunity to participate in profits from the earnings of MULTIPLE horses.

How does this program remove risk?

Owning a standardbred horse can be costly. Expenses, including purchase price of the horse, training fees, stabling fees, feed, vet costs, shipping to and from racetracks, and the costs of entering horses into stakes races can get pricey. The Funded Investment Program gives everyone the opportunity to have the horse ownership experience at an affordable annual SET price with no unexpected extra billing.

How does it work?

As a Funded Investor, you buy into the profit sharing of 5 horses. Your investment entitles you to a proportional share of 50% of all 5 horses' winnings. 

For Example: If you purchased the $2000 option on 5 horses with a total cost valuation of $200,000, you would be entitled to 1% of 50% of their winnings.

So, if the combined annual earnings of all 5 horses were $1,000,000, you would receive 1% of $500,000 = $5000. That's 2 1/2 times your initial investment!

If the combined annual earnings of the horses was $500,000, you would receive 1% of $250,000 = $2500. That is a 25% return on investment in one year.

So what can I expect as a Funded Investor

Your experience as a Funded Investor is very similar to actual ownership including

- Opportunity to participate in profits of the horses

- Visitation time with the horses 

- Recognition as part of the Funded Investment group on the horses' web page

- Online updates on the progress of the horses

- Photos with the horses in the winners circle


PLUS, even MORE excitement because you have multiple horses to follow rather than if you'd purchased all or some of just a single horse.

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